Hunt an African Buffalo with African Safari Photo

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Hunt an African Buffalo in South Africa with African Safari Photo for a trophy price of only US$ 8540! Great concessions and affordable Accommodation.

Hunt an African Buffalo in South Africa

We have been hunting buffalo all over Africa in countries like Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Cameroon and South Africa doesn’t fall short at all but you have to do it in big and open concessions. We hunt in big concessions of at least 22 000 acres and that makes buffalo hunting so unique. Our camps varies from affordable to luxurious. It all depends on the Clients needs. Please ask me for more information on accommodation on camps.

Hunt an African Buffalo in Zimbabwe.

We also have Buffalo hunting packages available in Zimbabwe with Mr Peter Creighton who is a great outfitter and PH. Then we also have Buffalo Packages available in Caprivi Strip Namibia with great accommodation and great trophies and vast group of buffalo. We offer great discount hunting over Africa.

Hunt an African Buffalo in Tanzania

We have great concessions and great professional hunters in Tanzania with areas in Selous at affordable Prices. This outfitter has been in the industry for the past 30 years already. this wonderful video were filmed at the concessions you will be hunting at.

African Safari Photo Buffalo hunt with

What to look for for an Exceptional African Buffalo Hunt.

My dearest friends. We have all been asking the same questions about buffalo hunting. What do we want in a African Buffalo hunt and for me it is very simple. Buffalo hunting must be adrenaline nerve wrecking, heart pumping action filled hunting. And the only way to achieve that is to make sure you get on its track and follow it. Walk where that old dagga boy walks and follow it. Get up close and personal on that buffalo. Don’t try and shoot it at 100 Yards. Get up close and personal.

During all this years me and my Brother have been traveling throughout Africa mostly filming big game hunts. We have hunted with all the big names in the industry and that is why we feel we can advice you where to book your next safari. It is very important to book with the right people and the right areas.

cape buffalo hunting in caprivi

Epic Cape Buffalo Hunting in Caprivi

Here are some exciting pictures of our epic Cape Buffalo Hunting adventure in the Caprivi. We went to Mashi Conservancy in Namibia. It is a well organized and truly magnificent bunch of people together.
In the Caprivi, you can expect big herds of buffalo roaming the planes. You can expect open grass planes in some areas and also a lot of water and reeds next to the Kwando River. The ivory camp is well equipped and very close to the river. In the Caprivi, you can expect free-roaming areas with a lot of buffalo and elephant. There is also the occasional zebra, eland and kudu and they also get some tags for lion each year. This is the absolute wild hunting experience in Africa.
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