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I can honestly say that I have hunted all over this beautiful continent  and people might differ from me but there is no other place in the world where you will be treated and hunt the amount of animals in a short period of time.

And I know there is a lot of debate on hunting in High Fenced areas but let me tell you something from one thing I’ve experience and still deal with every day. No matter if you hunt in Masai Land in Tanzania or in Luangwa Valey in Zambia of in Tsholotsho in Zimbabwe.

If you reach the border you have to go back or start fresh. The key is to go the great big areas with great amount of animals and great trophy quality.


South Africa Hunting Areas

On South Africa Hunting Safaris we hunt over 60 000 acres of prime hunting area with great lodging and great experience. Our emphasis is to get you as client great value for money and of course great trophy quality. That is the positive thing about South Africa. We can really make sure you get great animals and all your great trophy Quality.

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