Hunting Specials South Africa

Our Latest Hunting Specials in Africa

Hunt a Non-Trophy Lion for only US$ 8500

lion hunt special african safar photo product image
Hunt a Non-Trophy Lion for only US$ 8500

Hunt a Non-Trophy Lion in a 12 000 Hectare concession for only US$ 8500. This hunt is certainly one of our favorite hunts in the Kalahari at a really good and comfortable lodge. You can expect walking and stalking at its best with great trackers and food and drinks and three days of hunting is included in the price. Lion Hunting in South Africa is not for the feint heart.

The Hunting Special Include the following:

*  3 Days of Hunting
* Transfer to and from the concession
* Local beer and Whine and Cold drinks
* Daily Laundry
* Professional Hunter and Hunting Vehicle

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Hunt a warthog for free with African Safari Photo

hunt a warthog for free african safari photo product image
Hunt a warthog

This is the perfect getaway for friends to do a fun hunt. Corporate events can be combined with this type of hunt. The four friends hunting frenzy can be custom build to the group’s needs and preferences. The lodging is still affordable and neat and and food and local wine and beers are included at the hunt.
This is surely one of our favorite hunts to do.

The Hunting Special include the Following:

* 5 Days of Hunting
* 4 Warthog for free
* Transfer to and from the concession
* Daily Laundry
* Professional Hunter and Hunting vehicle.

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Hunt an African Buffalo for only US$ 8450!


Hunt an African Buffalo for US$ 8450!
We have this very good and reasonable offer to hunt the Black Death at a very affordable price. The Price will include a professional hunter and hunter vehicle and two days of hunting. We understand that you can get this buffalo for maybe a view dollars cheaper but please ask the outfitter the next view questions before you hunt that buffalo.
  • How big is the area where you will hunt your buffalo
  • Will it be old dagga boys with hard bosses.

Dear friends we offer a great hunting experience with great and big concessions. Buffalo hunting is one of those things not to compromise on.

What will be included in the Buffalo Hunt?

  • Discounted daily Rates
  • Daily Launrdy
  • Transfers to and From the concession
  • Local beer and Wine included
  • Professional Hunter and Hunting vehicle

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Hunt a Greater Kudu with African Safari Photo for only US$ 1900!

greater kudu hunt special african safari photo product image

Hunt a Greater Kudu for only US$ 1900

Hunt the Grey Ghost at discounted rates for only US$ 1900. This is a very reasonable price because there is no price difference in the length of the horn. If we find a 60 inch Kudu you can hunt it.

Kudu is one of the most majestic animals and one that every African hunter should have. They are also known as the Grey Ghost because they are so illusive. Grab this opportunity to Come and hunt with African Safari Photo.

The following is included in this Kudu Hunt:

  • Discounted daily rates
  • Daily laundry
  • Professional Hunter
  • Hunting Vehicle
  • Observer stay at half Price

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Hunting Specials South Africa

African Safari and Photo brings you Hunting Specials South Africa. Below you will find a wide variety of 7 to 10 day hunting special offers. Our packages are designed to ensure an unforgettable adventure with world-class trophies to take home.

Rock and Surf Fishing Experience in the Wonderful South African Wild Coast

rock and surf fishing hunting special

Rock and Surf Fishing at its best! Only US$ 2600 All Inclusive

The wild Coast is renown for its great fishing. And really it is! Owen and his team also do Drone Fishing where he will take out your lines with Drones deep into the ocean. It is really a different kind of Ball game when you can cast your rod into the ocean for about a Kilometer.

The Hunting Special Includes

Big Five Hunting Special - Elephant Hunt - 60% Discount

elephant hunt namibia 2020

Excellent Elephant Bull Hunt in Kaudum National Park Concession - Only US$ 55 000

African Safari Photo exclusive partnership brings 28 years of experience in hosting some of Africa’s very best safaris to Namibia. This Elephant Hunt is a really good opportunity to hunt at one of the top 3 Concessions in Africa for big Elephant Our areas are exclusive for elephant hunting to ensure our hunters are hunting not only the best areas but, also to maintain superb trophy quality and privacy. Our desert concessions provide the very best elephant hunting in Africa. Our camps are of the finest, typical East African style tents all with en suite bathrooms. Twenty-four hour power is provided by solar systems with back up generators for those overcast days. Complimentary wifi is available, laundry done daily and the catering is without a doubt of the highest standard available in Africa.

The Hunting Special Includes

Big Game Hunting Special

hunting specials buffalo hunt

7 Days Buffalo hunt and Fishing Special. Only US$ 17 500 all incl.

This is the best combined hunting and fishing special that any outfitter can offer. Hunt for 4 days and do drone fishing for 3 day in the beautiful Eastern Cape.

The Wet & Wild Hunting Special includes

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hunting specials lion hunt

5 Days Unforgettable Lion Hunt Special. Only US$ 7 500 all incl.

Renowned South African outfitter has reduced the price of this hunt and it is available at this price only through African Safari Photo. This lion hunt takes place in the Kalahari Desert region of the North Pest Province of South Africa.

The Lion Hunting Special includes

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Plains Game Hunting Specials

hunting specials plains game wildebeest

7 Day / 6 Animal Northern Cape Hunt Special. Only US$ 8 000 all incl.

Your discounted plains game safari will be hosted by a family that has specialized in making memories for hunters for many years. You will experience a level of service that rivals the best that Africa has to offer.

The Northern Cape Hunting Special includes

hunting specials plains game hunt zebra

7 Days SA Plains Game Hunt Special. Only US$ 6 900 all incl.

This 7-day plains game package in South Africa is a very good deal! The hunt includes five plains game trophy fees! Daily photographic safaris, curio shopping, tribal night and more!

The South African Hunting Special includes

Hunting For Beginners

hunting specials starter pack kudu

7 Days SA Plains Hunting Starter Special. Only US$ 8 800 all incl.

This is the ultimate safari in the Northern Cape or Limpopo province at an unheard of price. You will hunt on a 50,000+ acre concessions that has over 80 species of animals living on it. With a 4-star lodge, free Drinks and thousands of animals to hunt, this is truly the ultimate plains game safari.

The Starter Pack Hunting Special includes