Elephant Hunting Botswana

Why Elephant Hunting in Botswana?

Elephant Hunting in Botswana

Elephant Hunting in Botswana is without a doubt the best place to hunt elephant if you go to the right areas with the right outfitter. African Safari Photo offers the best areas with the best outfitters in Botswana. In the last 2 Years since Botswana opened we our clients hunted seven elephant in different concessions and not one elephant weighed under 50 Pounds.
The biggest Elephant were just under a 100 Pounder when we measured in on the day it was hunted. It showed a massive 53 inches sticking out from the lip and had a circumference of 19 and a half around the lip.
To hunt this massive elephant in Botswana is not just about luck but about preparation and going with the right outfitters. When you choose your outfitter for Botswana make sure the outfitter have a great and legal area to hunt. Make sure they have water in the concession. Hunting Elephant in Botswana is about knowing the area and going with the right outfitter full stop.

African Safari Photo uses the best guy in the business with the best areas. He know what he does and have hunted 100s of elephant in Botswana before they closed for elephant hunting.

Book your Botswana Elephant hunt with us and make sure you spend your money with the best outfitters to avoid any extra costs and to make sure you get your Elephant Bull that is worth the money.
We have different options available in Botswana to suit your needs. We also have different options for plains game and buffalo hunting packages available in Botswana.

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