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Great Buffalo Hunting with African Safari Photo in South Africa

Are you ready for the ultimate hunting adventure? Look no further than African Safari Photo in South Africa, where the thrill of the hunt meets the majesty of the great buffalo.
As we ventured into the savannas and grasslands of South Africa, our expert guides and trackers led us on a journey to find the elusive Cape buffalo. With African Safari Photo, every hunt is a photographic safari, capturing the excitement and beauty of the hunt through the lens of our expert photographers.
The great buffalo, a symbol of strength and power, is a challenging and rewarding hunt. Our experienced guides and trackers worked tirelessly to ensure a safe and successful hunt, sharing their vast knowledge of the land and the animals.
As we stalked our prey, the tension was palpable. The rush of adrenaline as we closed in on our quarry was exhilarating. And when the shot was made, the sense of accomplishment was overwhelming.
But the hunt is only half the story. With African Safari Photo, the memories of your adventure will live on through stunning photographs, capturing the drama and excitement of the hunt. From the majestic landscapes to the intense moments of the hunt, our photographers will preserve every moment of your adventure.
At African Safari Photo, we understand that hunting is not just about the trophy; it’s about the experience, the camaraderie, and the connection with nature. That’s why we offer a holistic hunting experience, combining the thrill of the hunt with the beauty of the African wilderness and the warmth of our hospitality.
So why wait? Join us on a great buffalo hunting adventure with African Safari Photo in South Africa and experience the ultimate thrill of the hunt.

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Come and experience the adventure of a lifetime!


What is a buffalo?
There is only one species of buffalo in Africa but four distinct subspecies exist: forest buffalo, West African savanna buffalo, Central African buffalo, and southern savanna buffalo (also known as the Cape buffalo).

Savanna buffaloes are large, heavy cow-like animals. They vary greatly not only in size but in the shapes of their horns and their coloring. Adults are usually dark gray or black (or even look red or white if they have been wallowing in mud of that color) and the young are often reddish-brown. The smaller forest buffalo maintains the red color even as an adult, although in western Uganda, many savanna buffaloes are also red or pale orange instead of black. Adults lose hair as they age.

Both males and females have heavy, ridged horns that grow straight out from the head or curve downward and then up. The horns are formidable weapons against predators and are used when jostling for space within the herd; males use the horns in fights for dominance.

Buffalo are actually fantastic swimmers. They will swim through deep waters to find better grazing areas.
We refer to them as the mafia, not only because of their strong character but because they never forgive and almost always seek revenge. They have been recorded seeking revenge on someone years after being threatened by them.
They are one of the most dangerous of the big five because they simply ambush their prey without giving any type of warning signal.
The birds you see sitting on the hide of a Cape buffalo are called oxpeckers. They have a symbiotic relationship with the Cape buffalo and remove ticks/insects embedded in their skin.
The most experienced cows are known as pathfinders. They are responsible for taking the herd to the most beneficial area for grazing and water.

Buffalo cows have their first calves at age 4 or 5 and they become completely reliant on their mothers, right up until a year old.
If a buffalo herd comes under threat from a predator they form a circle around their young. All of the adults face outwards in an effort to hide the vulnerable. The adults actually lower their heads and form a protective barrier with their horns.
The Cape buffalo is a grazer and prefers tall grasses to short shrubs. They are nature’s lawnmowers and thin out the dense the grasses, exposing more foliage.
The collective noun for buffalo is “herd”, but other terms include “gang” and “obstinacy”

African Safari and Photo invites you to come and hunt buffalo with us in the wild planes of Africa. we offer you a experience that will last a lifetime as we capture every moment of the hunt and all the festivities thereafter. so don’t miss this oppertunity contact us today for your reservation!!!

Contact Us: africansafariphoto@gmail.com

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